Sunday, 29 July 2012

I do love a right good

Wedding.....I do hope you weren't going to be rude then!......I was lucky enough to get Saturday off to attend a friends wedding in Essex. Something about weddings are very sexy; not sure if it's the overwhelming emotion on display, or the exciting lead up or the fact there is a waiter topping up your glass every 5 mins....probably a little of all three :-)

All I know is that all the woman have spent bundles of time and I'd imagine quite a bit of money getting ready for someone's big day. Not only is there the outfit, the shoes, bag, hat..,well you get the drift it's all the beauty stuff too, nails, feet, eyelashes, new makeup, fake tan,, it's no picnic being a girl. You want to look stunning, future husband look out!, without looking like you're trying to upstage the bridal party....effort but not OTT; it's definately a fine line.

I, obviously, made my effort even though I forgot my hat (the air was blue once I realized but we'll say no more on that matter!) and I'll admit I did meet someone....I did let him feel my silky legs (the effort I put in
I did want a little appreciation...) and maybe I did let him linger his hands a little too long on my bottom whilst we danced, but hey, we can always blame the emotion / excitement / wine!

The kiss came and I wasn't disappointed. He was tall, dark, impeccably dressed with amazing shoes. So why didn't I take his number or take him back to my suite? I so nearly did but I cannot be that sad woman at a wedding waiting for the phone to ring. I thought if he wants me, he'll find me so with that lingering kiss still on lips and a definate bulge pushing against my groin I pulled away and slipped off into the night.

Will he find me? We'll see. My friends think I'm crazy but I love the chase, the element of surprise and it was nothing to do with the fact that I hadn't waxed my bikini line, I absolutely wholeheartingly (if such a word exists) swear that wasn't the case. Much.

Damn it.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

The obvious........

But my god, it's been boiling today! Something about London in this temperature, everyone is so much friendlier.........although it may of been my outfit (I do realize how big headed that sounds!) as James' eyes nearly popped out his head! White sundresses with gucci wedges do that to men apparently. Well you learn something new everyday! Busy day in the office, headset was literally glued to my head....lots of dates set up for the weekend; theatre trips, restaurants but my favorite this week has been a companion to Paris for the weekend.....sounds amazing (was wondering if I could sneak in the overnight bag!) as they're booked for a burlesque night and drinks at the Ritz....swooooooooon. We do like a little forward planning; the sign of a gentleman.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Oh my god

James has just given me access to our eblogger account, here you will find out about the day to day throws of my life running his escort agency. I am the lucky one or is it you guys n gals