Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Oxford Street Escorts

If you are in the area that surrounds Oxford Street then you are very luckly indeed because all you have to do is check out the various stunning Oxford Street escorts that work alongside us and you will be in heaven.

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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Public displays of affection....

Euuurggghhhhh!!! Who really is so overcome with love (usually lust I'm sure) that they have to chew off the their chosen one's face in broad daylight? Not like the sexy movie kisses, oh no, this is like spittle and dog slobber that actually makes me wince and automatically downturns my jaw AND its always by couples that are old enough to know better.....Really?

Teenagers just love to think they're the only ones who got it on in public so I shrug my shoulders to those, they've got plenty of time to realize their social rights and wrongs but actual adults? Nononononono definately no.....get a fricking room people!!!

And I certainly do not think that because your tongue is on show to all and sundry means that the two of you are hot in bed...ever heard the phase that those who talk the loudest? Well, those who talk usually have nowt to back it up with and those who snog in
public are shite in my humble, tongue in cheek, opinion!

Or maybe it's just me. Maybe I've never been in such love, overcome with knee shaking lust or maybe my Mum bought me up right!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Shopping & Sex

Are not the same.......I repeat to all you odd balls out there, only one of these wonderful pursuits will leave you breathless, flushed faced and broke!!! Did I nearly have you there?!

I mean yes, sometimes shopping is a million times better than sex but let's face it girls, that's only because you've somehow got yourself into a pickle with crap shag guy and shopping in Shoe Zone looking at £2 flip-flops seems a whole lot more appealing than sucking off crap shag.....

So although my favorite store in the whole wide world, predictably Harrods in case you were wondering, has my most desired items...Jimmy Choo handbags, Chanel sunglasses, Gucci shoes, Myla underwear, Armani jeans, Escada evening dresses....jeez, anyone else feeling a little hot??!....would I rather be there or in an amazing hotel room (with really good pillows....and lighting!) getting seen to by the stud of the week???!!! Would I fuck? Hell, even the Harrods Sale wouldn't even get me out that suite....all day foreplay, room service, champagne on ice, massages, and just good ole sex. And once it was all said and done and we had to get back to real life the first thing I'd do is hot foot it to Knightsbridge with my Amex. Hey, the Harrods sale is THE sale!

And all those who don't agree; you're doing it all wrong ;-)

I really do find it annoying that James blogging on this account; it's meant to be mine, all mine FYI. Pah, I know he is the Boss, but really, there must be some unwritten rule about blogging etiquette. Although I'm sure he lays there of the evening at man pad towers (all plasma and black very predictable!) thinking of little ways of heckling me resulting in only a minor spat (hey, I do like my job and would like to keep it!) but usually results in one of us opening a bottle of wine.

Being a footloose and fancy-free gal in London I do get some rather odd comments from girlfriends who have found a (sometimes great, sometimes really crap) chap, moved in with one another and you know, seem to be enjoying coupledom. Firstly I get the jealous/envious/wistful comments about how much I like to go out, I'm never in, I work too hard, it must be lovely to suit myself blar blar blar (doesn't stop them from wanting restaurant recommendations every 2 minutes) and then I get their complaints. Obviously after the smugness had evaporated.

Complaints ranging from housework to holidays, finances to fucking; honestly what is wrong with these people! I know it's easy for me looking into a situation but surely it's best to go into something (an argument....ok ok a discussion) with a pinch of humour and the ability to bend a little.

A spat is good every now and again, keeps things fresh, you can air differences but surely the couples who make it through know when enough is enough and call a day on the argument. You won't agree about everything (how dull if you did) nor will you appreciate every little thing they do (so don't get the arse when they do the same!) but surely the trick to a successful, loving and fulfilled relationship is knowing when to reach for 2 glasses and a chilled bottle of Rose'? But what do I know right? I just suit myself.

Damn right. This coupledom sure sounds like hard work!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Jodie Paddington

When you five minutes check out the beautiful Jodie's profile, she is based in Paddington and is a delight to spend time with

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Having a good time

There is some thing to be said for having a good time, let's be honest a good time is what we live for. Wouldn't it be wrong of us to let that pass us by?

Each and every day hundreds of thousands of people arrive via train at one of the many central london train stations, they may arrive at Victoria, Marylebone, Paddington or even Kings Cross, many are seeking fame and fortune but many are in the pursuit of happiness- and what does happiness lead to......... Your right a good time

This is probably why we get some many phone calls for our stunning Mayfair escorts, people know world wide that the best escorts can be found in Mayfair . The reason for this, I believe anyway, is that with hotels such as the Dorchester, a 5 star london hotel in Park Lane, and restaurants such as Nobo, a high class sushi restrurent that is part own by Robert De Niro,  beautiful people just want to flock there, and where there are beautiful people there are???? Beautiful escorts. Walk down any of the roads that run off of Hyde Park Corner or come down into Mayfair from Oxford street and you will see so many beautiful woman that it will make your eyes hurt!

One of the most renowned super models in the world, Kate Moss, was discovered just relaxing in the street, see how easy it is to find beautiful woman in London. Just visit the square in Covent Garden during any of the summer months and you will see row after row of lovely young woman, sitting outside restruents, pubs and coffee bars just waiting to be discovered, waiting for someone to say "it's your turn", fame and fortune only awaits a few. So whats the next best thing, move to a area like Mayfair with it's glitz and glamour, you will always spot a A list celebrity walking down the street there,  work as a escort, get a beautiful apartment, these don't come cheap rents for a  two bedroom apartment start from £1400 per month, and mix with high class gentlemen and ladies.m

The high class set always want to be seen in the company of beautiful women, it makes them look important, it makes them feel important! So ladies, if it's a good time your looking for, take the leap, travel to London, sign up and get started working. It's a sure fire way to success.

Thursday, 2 August 2012


Not my normal witty post but I was so taken by Juliana when I meet her for coffee yesterday that I had to share this beautiful ladies photo with you

Yes she is as stunning in the flesh as the photo surgests, you will be amazed by her charms and delighted with her smile.

You will be able to visit our new lady at her wonderful incall apartment in Bayswater, W2. So if you fancy a hour or more with her then please call and I will gladly arrange this for you

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Try before you buy.....?

I'm not talking wine or cheese here, I'm talking the good stuff; Sex, shagging, fucking, getting laid, a good ole bonk, getting down and dirty....obviously good (or crap) wine could possibly lead to this but I'm diversifying...

So what do you think? Would you phone a lady the morning after if she put out on the first date? Or would your inner judgy pants be utterly horrified whilst the stud in you jumped up and gave you a high five? Tough call eh?

I admit I am prone to a try before I buy; I'm too busy to spend time getting to know someone and then have my hopes dashed in the bedroom. If we're not compatable in the bedroom, we're not compatable full stop. Sex is a huge part of who I am and I am not willing to compromise; however this does leave me in a rather sticky situation ( pun fully intended); a catch 22 if you like.

It is always the ones who I feel a connection with, and they too, feel I would be girlfriend material if I hadn't slept with them so quickly. Ummmm hellllllllllloooooo? It takes 2 to tango doncha know? Why the double standards? Mmmmmm? Excuse me, What? Nice girls don't like sex? They couldn't possibly know what they want? Well you wait it out with those 'nice girls', in fact marry them and see what happens. You may come across me again when you phone to book an Escort....

So how soon is too soon? How do us girls play this? A week, a month???! Jeez, 6 months....???!!!! I look at my best friend who is getting married in September and getting her happy ending ( or beginning....!) and she had met her H2B a couple of times in a work environment and then went on to share a few drinks on a 'meeting' which then led to the walk of shame the next morning. She certainly didn't expect a phonecall the next day, in fact she couldn't understand what he saw in her (apparently she wasn't her finest that evening) but he obviously saw something and that folks, is history. They moved in, had babies, made a new life together and now marital bliss so I know it works when you find the right guy. Pah! Bloody men, I'm sure I'd be damned if I do, and damned if I don't.

I may as well just please myself.....! Now where did I put my rabbit? Night all!