Sunday, 30 September 2012

Finding ways to relax, which doesn't involve wine.

Hard one this don't you think? I must admit I've probably enjoyed a few too many bottles of Moet (I know, so very common!) but coming home after a manic day on the phones and putting up with James and his Mr Porter obsession a chilled bottle of bubbles really hits the spot. It feels rather decadent (though you must drink it from a beautiful glass to get a true feeling of decadence.....) and I get a rather nice glow knowing I have this "treat" at the end of the day. My time.

But my dears, summer is over and now the nights are drawing in I do like to set myself some goals before what are ways to relax? Movies, gym, yoga, walking the dog......? Mmmm not very original are they? Have you got any ideas? I'd love to hear them.......or if you're as unoriginal as little old me give me a new drink to try....My Autumn Cocktail ;-) I'll happily give reviews!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

So you guys know when James has been blogging on this right?!

Apparently I've been slackin'......I do believe I need to be punished..........teehee!!!

Winter is drawing in!

The Olympics are over, summer has gone! No more bank holidays! All that is left for us to look forward to is Christmas and what’s before that! Winter, yes the dark of the night is setting in earlier, the evenings are getting colder, I know as  write this I am going to have to close the office window and on the way home I want only be wearing a jumper but a coat as well. 

Ok yes the winters in London are beautiful; London looks great lit up of a night, the cars, the street lights, our sky line is so beautiful! But it gets so cold and even though I love dressing up, I am such a fan of big fur coats; I could so easily live in Russia! It’s long and hard to know that after September we are going to have at least six months of freezing, wet weather.

Should we all depart London at this time of year then? My answer to this question is “ No way Jose”, London comes alive in the winter, people from all over the world travel here to Christmas shop, to stroll around our beautiful streets and to sample our great English cooking, ok a curry is not English but its close to it now!

A little tip that I can give you for keeping warm in the winter is, book a escort girl from our agency, spend time with one of these girls and we are sure that they will get your blood flowing, and blood flowing means................ no not that, it means that your body temperature will rise (please get your mind out of the gutter people). Each of the lovely girls that you find contained on the pages of our website has a beautiful incall apartment where you can stop off on your way home and warm your “cockles” or perhaps you don’t fill like leaving your hotel room, well then that’s no problem just have one of the girls come to visit you, we call this a outcall appointment

Whatever way to chose to spend the long, lonely winter nights make sure that you pencil in some relaxing, warming time with one of our girls, enjoy a glass of wine ( or two) maybe even a brandy

Cum on! You know you want to!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Duo London Escorts

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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Alma in Paddington

One of the most stunning brunettes we have here at DLE is Alma. Alma only joined us a few weeks ago and is proving to be a hit already, based in a lovely flat in Paddington. Alma is one of our newest brunette escorts and you will find her listed under the brunette and the Paddington escorts section.

Alma uploaded her details via our employment page and included some wonderful non-professional pictures (usually when girls upload non professional pictures, due to the number we get, we have to delete them and do not contact the girls back but Alma had something about her.) She had a natural look about her that just knocked you out. We set up a meeting in a local coffee shop, Monmouth Coffee Company Monmouth Street WC2H 9EU, where we or more like she enjoyed a fabulous latte while I sipped on a black coffee, Alma proved she to be a great communicator with a bubbly personality and a wicked sense of humour. All these things we look for in girls and top that off with knock out looks makes for the perfect DLE girl.

Alma contacted one of the photographers that we gave her and had her portfolio complied, once that was done she went straight on to the site. Alma is a great girl and provides such a lovely date that clients keep coming back for more. She has turned out to be one of our most popular brunette escorts. You can arrange a date with her for night on the town or you can book her for an incall escort appointment, either way we can assure you that it will be your time well spent.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Mayfair escorts at thier best

Every body loves beautiful women and we are please to announce that Evelyn, who is a truley beautiful Mayfair Escort can be booked with our agecny. She is a Brazlian with blonde hair and lives in a great apartment just off of Park Lane. You can book this stunning Brazilain escorts in Mayfair by calling our agecny now.

She sees both boys and girls so you are sure to be welcomed with open arms!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Getting it on mile high style....

I love going abroad. The car ride to the airport, the check in, sitting at the champagne & oyster bar before boarding...all those people to watch, second guessing their occupation or is that their wife or escort?...then the flight itself. People bringing you things whilst you catch up with some reading, wanking or indeed blogging, as I am doing now.

Blogging not wanking.

But 2 things have got me wondering as I return from a couple of nights in Europe. Who the hell would actually shag in those toilets, and why doesn't anyone dress up for their flights?

The mile high club...something we should aspire to do you think? Maybe I've never been drunk enough but considering the smell does that really turn you on? I get the close confinement, and the fact all those people are just feet away, and of course, you're in the sky but that's one club I'm not in a hast to join. Imagine getting caught? I cannot see any pride that you were arrested on an EasyJet flight after getting a blowjob. Maybe first-class on a Concorde (or whatever today's equilvilent is) may have a nicer ring. Going by the state of the outfits I see everywhere I'm certainly not going to be overcome with lust. Oh jeez. The outfits. Maybe I'm just overdressed and just being a bitch but adults should not wear Crocs....really, not even whilst gardening when you're 70.

Now you're wondering what I'm wearing; well the "goes without saying" heels...ok ok wedges, but they're pretty high, a gorgeous wrap round dress which is backless in a thick linen so it doesn't screw up and look like a cleaning cloth after 5 minutes, hair in a top knot, natural make up and the hugest Chanel sunglasses....(Xmas pressie from James; great taste) So yes, removing strappy wedges to get through security was a pain in the arse as trying to keep my decorum in a rather short dress was interesting but well worth the effort. All around me is terrible slogan tshirts, ill fitting jeans and the worst shoes in the world. Not one well dressed gentleman on my flight.

Hang on a minute, I spy a Ralph Lauren shirt....hallelujah!!!....was just about to give up :-) ooooh and he has a Louis Vuitton bag....mmmmmm tanned, nice eyes and a Rolex. I do believe this flight has got a whole lot more interesting. Although I assure you no toilet lust will be going on....I may let him take me for a night cap though...this matching underwear was rather expensive. Someone should benefit surely?!

Cum fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away..........