Friday, 26 October 2012

Warwick Road Escort

Sahara is a beautiful young lady, the day I meet her she was wearing thigh high boots and the tinest of denim mirco skirts, do you think that she was trying to impress? Well let me tell you she did just that, boy what a interview  that was.

You will be able to find  out more about her  by vising her profile on our website or by calling us.

Like always we here at Dior Escorts Agency London have come up trumps with another sexy babe 

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Kennice Escort

For every girl that joins Dior Escorts we write a profile so that you, the client can have as much information about her personality, what she enjoys, the closest tube stations to where she lives, if she any good on dinner dates, how our first meeting want and so on and so forth.

The problem we have with Kennice is that we are struggling to put into words how lovely she is! She is a real pleasure to be around, she is one of those few girls, and we are talking in the world here not just DLE that walks into a room and lights it up. Everyone in that room wants to get to know her and everyone wants to be standing next to her. It’s a joy to watch her work, when we have our little get together she puts a smile on everyone’s face, the clients love her, the girls love her and James loves her! We really don’t have a problem recommending our lovely Kennice to those of you looking for a Kensington escorts experience.

Kennice had a out call to a lovely hotel in Park Lane. The London Park Lane, a fabulous five star hotel located in Hamilton Place W1J 7QY, the feedback we got was amazing the client extended his booking and has made us promise that next time he comes back we will have Kennice meet him at the airport, in one of our luxury cars and stay with him for the entire duration of his stay. That’s no problem!
As you can see from her pictures Kennice is a brunette escort, with a slender figure that could make any man weep. Put her in heels and she is a wet dream cum true. Kennice is a very naughty escort  in Kensington whom offers incalls and outcalls. If you wish to visit Kennice or indeed have her cum to you call DLE’s booking team on 07504335308, sit back relax and wait for the magic to happen!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Running late.......will he wait?

I'm not going to pull any punches here but I'm rather attractive (well not supermodel stunning but I can scrub up pretty good!) and even more importantly I am rather witty so if I'm not your type one way I usually grab your attention the other. I promise, this confident statement will be useful to the tale further on in this post.

So, date night arrives. I've swapped shifts with Claire so finished at Dior at 7pm leaving me 2 hours till I had to be ready and waiting. And what happens? James. He really does choose his moments to go into detail about his new hairstyle (which FYI does look great) and what wax would be best to get the Mario from TOWIE look.....I kid you not so 20 minutes later I'm legging it down Sloane Street.....jeez louise, I'm already late! And it's raining.....raining!!! My newly blow dried hair getting flatter by the second and I'm obviously without my umbrella, my mood darkens like the sky. Grrrrrr!

So it's go, go, go when I get home. Bottle of chilled pink LP already open ( last nights leftovers!) so pour, breathe, swallow. Mmmmmm dry crisp bubbles; my smile lifts.

Shower on, iPod playing some old school garage (This is how we do it......anyone??!) and my outfit already laid out. Stepping into my huge shower cubicle is heaven; lathering up the array of gorgeous Jo Malone treats reminds me I must put my favourites on my list for Santa!

My blow dry is ruined so it's an emergency hair do. Dry it off, tip head upside down, gather hair twist, twirl and pin. What a waste of £30! Anyhow once Mac worked it's magic on my rather tired skin and the end result lol pretty good. Glancing at the clock I've got a good 20 minutes before I need to be ready. Good timing if I do say so myself :-)

Feeling smug that I beat the clock I decided to call Claire and see what's been going on. The madness had started! Saturday is our busiest night and she already had stories to tell. One lucky guy had put a deposit down for a booking that will last 5 days including travel to Italy; I do love it when man realizes that you can mix business with pleasure. Claire had to go and then James came on the line. He loves eating out so wanted to know where I would be going ( as he does love to pretend he is AA Gill with his restaurant & cocktail reviews!). I don't think he believed me when I told him I didn't know! And love him, he ran through all the safety precautions he does with all the new escorts....It's just a dinner date James! Nice to know he cares though and as I said, there will be no nookie with this rookie tonight. He laughed. Although I got the distinct impression that was twice in 5 minutes he didn't believe me.

And WHAT THE FUCK!!! the buzzer buzzes and I glance at the clock, 9pm......shit bollocking bollocks, he is here and I've still got to pack my evening bag...gloss, perfume, credit card, protection (old habits die hard!) and get my shoes...oh shite! Where are my shoes????!

I let him know via the intercom I'd be down in 5 and the response was this, ladies and gentlemen.........

"I'll let Mr Too Much know madam, he will be waiting in the car"

He didn't even get out the car himself. Maybe he'd had a blow dry?!

Itis so hard getting life right when you are working at a London Escorts Agency

Sunday, 14 October 2012

I have a date

Yes fellow readers, it's true. I, Rachel of Dior Escorts, will be going on a date. Although strangely enough, I will not be sleeping with him (you may want to read my earlier blogs to understand why this is rather a big deal but if you cannot be arsed the lowdown is that I put out of the first date....I know, I know; so naughty!).

So this week not only do I need to beautify myself, I need a whole new outfit. Lovely James gave me my quarterly bonus so instead of putting it towards my credit card, which would of course would be advisable, I'm off to Zara. You may scoff you philistines but Zara is bloody unbelievable. I'm thinking tight tight tiiiiiiiiight black trousers, maybe leather, a fitted black top with a bright burnt orange blazer, matching sky scraper heels and an amazing piece of jewelry from Butler & Wilson. Done. Simple, elegant & gorgeous.

So I'll be looking hot but I'm going to hold out a little. This guy seems to have all he pleases at a click of a finger, very powerful, very masterful, uber rich but what is all that if you're a numpty right?! The jury is still out. He is devastatingly handsome with the most amazing eyes but what has caught my attention is his wit. A couple of times my head has turned due to his conversation. Very dry dark humour that not many people have. In fact, most would say he is rude but hell, why not? I actually find him rather amusing and extremely sexy. Let's see if he puts his blackberry on the table (if he does, it's a definite no go!) and shares his you can see I don't ask for much!

Wish me luck with Mr Too Much. Ill keep you posted but in the meantime, whats your first date outfit? Does mine sound good? Any first date tips....?!

Note to self; I must not sleep with this dude. I must not sleep with this dude. Sex is not love. Damn it, but it feels so good.

I'm doomed aren't I?!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Keep you hats on

Ok people Emma has just got her new photos in and boy doesn't see she look good. I would still have to say that this girl is one of the best Bayswater escorts that you will find and that for £150 for a 1 hour incall is one of the best escorts around

Saturday, 6 October 2012

If walls could talk........

Do you think you'd be ashamed? Embarrassed? Proud? Would you care? Oh god I would certainly care but luckily wouldn't be ashamed, we're all human right?

Taking a mental walk through my gorgeous apartment (it is soooooooo gorgeous!) and thinking back to the parties of 100 glamourous, like minded guests to the more exclusive parties of 3....whooops, meant to say 2 ;-) The kitchen is the hub isn't it? Where everyone, wine & conversation. Even when I have my girlfriends over we sit round the island and put the world to rights, funnily enough, the sitting room rarely gets used. It's so beautiful with lovely views, it's so peaceful and really scrumptious with cream velvet sofas and cashmere blankets for when the nights draw in. I usually snuggle up with a glass of bubbles, a book and my huge bar of green&blacks (butterscotch in case you were wondering!) mmmmm bliss. The bathroom, well honestly, this is where I am made into me. I know, surprising that I don't actually fall out of bed looking like this. Damn it. Plucked, shaved, scrubbed, moisturized, oiled, pinched,'s exhausting but worth it. It takes a lot of effort to make me feel like me! And then the boudoir! Everything in there demands to be stroked, felt, worshipped and appreciated. Myself included. Natch.

If my bedroom walls could talk I bet they'd be wishing me well. I'm in control, I know what I like and I wake up happy. Maybe they'd be a bit bashful as I am an adult and adult stuff does sex. Sssssssshh, don't tell anyone! My room is, as I'm sure you've imagined, very ladylike and uber stylish. Lots of beautiful fabrics and textures, very luxurious but welcoming and very me. I love my bedroom and I don't like sharing it, probably why a long term chap fills me with dread. My gentleman friends are usually shown the door before sun rises. I get the few disgruntled comments but I just live waking up on my own and starting my morning routine. Croissant in oven, coffee machine on, delivered paper spread across the kitchen, radio on....perfect!

So if walls could talk? Let them. My home, my walls, my life, my rules x