Monday, 26 November 2012

All together now......awwwwwww!

I've been poorly......I know, boo hoo me. Two weeks not myself at all and it's all been rather hideous. Yesterday was the first day I felt absolutely fine and that itself was odd, but now like a little rabbit coming out of hibernation I'm adjusting to the new season.

Jeez, how cold has it got these past few days? Bloody wretched weather but I must be thankful for this biting wind because as I ventured out yesterday I had my gorgeous fox fur collar (like an Italian tourist!) coat....collar comes up high and I can snuggle my head right down. And with my ear muffs and massive Gucci sunglasses my head was pretty much covered. Thank goodness because two weeks holed up inside with the heating on full blast has not done my skin or energy levels much good. In fact, I resemble a very old turtle. My Facialist is going to have a fit, I'm due to see her on Friday, may have to book a double appointment. Poor cow having to deal with this mess!

So back to work and Dior had a new phoneline installed last week which caused crazy problems in the office; we missed quite a few bookings as the PC's hadn't routed the calls. Pleased I missed James dealing with that. Bear with sore head/leg/body rings a bell. Luckily for everyone involved it's been fixed and this morning we were back on track....phew!

One good thing being off from reality did mean I got my winter wardrobe in order....oooooo I do love this time of year; all my furs come out. All the fabulous coats, my cashmere, my thigh high boots, the christmas ball type dresses....Sequins, glitter, love love!!!

Tapping this out I've suddenly remembered I never finished my date with Mr Too Much did I? I'll do that another time but all I'll say is that a gorgeous brown fox fur is hanging in my wardrobe and white fluffy roses adorn every surface curtesy of Mr TM. The jury is still out but we're having fun when time allows. Mr Forever? Doubtful. But a girl can dream can't she?

And dream I shall. Lots! I'm on dayshift at Dior so I can get to bed early and get my strength back. I'll get my face pummeled and oiled back into shipshape later in the week and so now all I've got to do is find my mojo. It's in my apartment for sure....under the covers.....Zzzzzzzzzzzzz x

Paulina is back