Sunday, 23 June 2013

What do you think?

In our continued efforts to keep both our clients and Google happy we are going to updating this blog a lot more often now with content, nice and fresh content.
You see the man at Google - Matt Cutts believes that great content is the way to success and we believe him, what we are having trouble understanding is why most of the escort agencies on page 1 of Google for London Escorts have very little and why do they all have very spammy links pointing to them.

It kind of gores against what the great man himself is saying, so I ask you this question Mr Cutts - Why is a site such as ours on page 30 plus for London escorts when we have all that you have asked for and yes really poorly built sites that have been black hatted are on page 1?
I look forward to your answer but some how don't think that I am ever going to get it.
In the meantime I hope that you ( our loyal customers) enjoy the likes of this stunning beautiful and what we have to say ( of course every thing will be written in good English, with good spellings and proper punctuation.
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