Thursday, 25 July 2013

Paddington Incall Escort

Feast your eyes upon these two, how hot do they look. Who wouldn't want to be the jam in this sandwich? I know for certain that I would.
Karla and Karin and two sexy ladies, they are real high class girls, as you can see but please remember the old saying " the posher they are the ruder they are" nothing could be more true. Both Karla and Karin and two filthy ladies, they love getting naughty and they love to shock.
Let me paint a picture for you;
One stunner brunette in white high heels, white stockings, a white thong and a white bra with a long  feather ready to entice you, just a little gentle tease. Shes the good one
The other stunning brunette in red heels, red fishnet stockings ( you are seeing where I am going with this, right?) a black leather paddle ready to spank you if you don't do what she says.
I think the above is enough to get anyone booking, I know I would, I know that I have!
Both Karin and Karla are located in Paddington, a few minutes walk from the station and not far from one of the best coffee bars in the  whole of England.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Retweet this lovely woman

What I want you to do, no sorry what I NEED you to do is help spread the word about this out of this world gorgeous young lady who has come and joined us. 
I have post this link on Twitter and am looking at getting as many Retweets as possible because.............. She really deserves it! Eliza is lovely, that is a simple fact. There isn't much else to say really that you wont find on her profile.
If you are an escort user or not there is no way that you can't say that this young lady is lovely.
It is so very simple to do; on the link on Twitter that brought you here just click on Retweet that give this lady such a boast you could not believe it. Go on make a girls dreams come true, give her a push and watch how big her smile is going to get!!!
It is so easy!!!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Crystal now in Bayswater

Not one of my longest post but I think that you will all agree that the photo speaks for its self.
To keep it short, sweet and too the point, Crystal is ; a sexy brunette who lives in Bayswater, she is very open minded and enjoys a number of things. You can book her on her own or with one of her friends
Call Dior Escorts any time you like on 07504335308